Our Origin Story!

Anissa Cosby

Anissa Cosby

Head Sidekick in Charge | Graphic & Web Designer

(Anissa and her equally geeky husband Sharfiq.)

June 2016. When the Idea Sparked.

Enter Anissa. Our brave and fearless adventurer begins to question where they are going in life. Where should they spend their time? What is it that matters to them? Pregnant with a new baby they are faced with this life-changing event and are asked to design Save The Dates for a friends wedding.

Little did she know this would be the beginning of a grand adventure.

“You should make invitations for a living!” And thus the adventure begins.

Abin was born and life continued as usual. Working as an administrative assistant, enjoying her family, Anissa couldn’t shake that feeling that there had to be more. Maybe she COULD pursue creativity full time. Maybe this was what she was meant to do.

An Etsy store was opened, focusing on comic-book inspired invitations, party designs, and prints. Creating the website for this endeavor opened up a new world for Anissa. Web design was fun! Graphic design was great, but working for business owners was where she needed to be.

And so the hard work began. A friend needed their branding done and website designed. In stepped Anissa to save the day, and once again the work resonated. She had found her purpose.

July 2017. When the Idea Became a Business.

The Virtual Sidekick begins. An internship at a Digital Marketing Agency was procured and once again, the affirmation of her path was found. Taking someone’s dream and making it into reality drove Anissa to continue creating. Anissa finds joy in seeing clients vision with her eye, pulling out all the important and juicy pieces, and then transforming it into a masterpiece on the web. She found that she enjoyed working with Superheroes who look to change the social stratosphere and break barriers that the world has put on them. They want to change the world and Anissa wants to help them do that!

2018. Where the Business is Now.

Anissa finds passion in helping business owners bring their brand and vision to life. She has a passion for changing the world, one design at a time. She gets to do this by helping business Superheroes who want to change the lives of their clients. She prides herself on her sense of humor, geeky personality and determination for change. Join us on this journey and learn more about what The Virtual Sidekick has to offer!

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