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But wait, what the heck is SEO?

SEO doesn’t need to be a dirty word when you have the Virtual Sidekick at your side. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. They are the methods used to boost your sites ranking or frequency in results returned by a Search Engine. These tools are used in an effort to maximize user traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization is a beast that all businesses must tame if they want to rise through the ranks of Google and other search engines. There’s no good hiding from this fact of life and while we know all too well that SEO techniques and practices can change at the drop of a hat, we also know how to make your keywords work for you.  Kick back and focus on what you love; focus on nurturing your business by doing what you do best and delegate this monster to me.

We offer a variety of optimization packages and SEO Audits start at only $200 and include:

  • Initial website assessment with SEO error report
  • Detailed instructions on how to fix any found errors

Eager to optimize your site based on your report but not eager to do it yourself?

Allow us to take that off your plate with a SEO Optimization package starting as low as $250 with the following included:

  • Site updates to reflect proper SEO tools
  • List of recommended keyword phrases to incorporate in your copy
  • Fix all errors and issues found in the SEO audit report

So what’s the deal with Google Analytics?

In addition to SEO services, we provide Google Analytics services. Google Analytics is a vital tool that will help you gauge the traffic that is coming to your site, where that traffic is coming from, and more. Google Analytics allows you to analyze user data in such a powerful way and can help you learn if your SEO and marketing techniques are working.

As your trusty Sidekick, we will help you analyze your data and come up with a strategy on how to use it. We’ll have monthly or biweekly meetings, and come together to work through the “muck”!

Perhaps your real area of concern is understanding how to optimize your site on your own and want us to teach you the tricks of the trade.  We also offer a SEO Analytics and Strategy package which teaches you how to read your data, how to use it properly, and monthly reporting for continued education. No matter where your SEO and Analytics needs fall, it’s our job to make sure you soar to new heights of success one keyword at a time.

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