Smart Hacks for Maximizing Productivity – Part One

Smart Hacks for Maximizing Productivity – Part One

Smart Hacks Maximizing Productivity - Part 1

Smart Hacks for Maximizing Productivity
Part 1 – Setting the Day Right

It’s the end of the day and you’re feeling a little like you are caught in an endless loop?  Where did the day go? What did I actually get done? You sit there wondering what are the best ways to maximizing productivity.

Then comes the endless, “I should have done more”, “I feel like I have wasted the whole day”, “what am I doing”, going round in endless circles.

Does this sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be you can leave your work feeling like you have accomplished what you set out to do but you just need some tips to help you along the way.

These are a few simple hacks to get your productive day started:

1. Wake Up Early.

Set the alarm clock for one hour earlier every morning and make sure in that hour you get “stuff” done around your home.

  • Make the bed
  • Get your exercise done
  • Have a great breakfast
  • Write down the three most important tasks you must accomplish today – be specific

2. Once you get to your office (or home office), take time to set some priorities.

Schedule the answering of your emails at specific times. Don’t react to incoming emails, wait until the scheduled time to answer and deal with any queries. You can waste a lot of time organizing and responding to emails so choose to do this 3-4 times a day.

3. Say NO!

This can be incredibly difficult for some people but you can’t let distractions get in your way. You have a specific job to get done and you need to stick to your priorities so if others distract you and want you to work on something else you need to learn to say no. A simple “sorry I am busy right now but I can help later if I get this done” should suffice.  The only caveat is of course not saying no to your boss.

If your boss does ask, you to take on a new task show them your task list and ask them which one they want you to prioritize.

4. Avoid your personal Social Media channels.

If need be put a site blocker on all your SM channels so you can avoid checking your twitter or Facebook feeds every 10 minutes or when the notification tone goes off. SM is a huge time sucker and you can easily lose hours a day checking and responding to your accounts.  If SM is NOT your job or your business make sure you play with it on your own time.

5. Keep your notebook and pen handy.

Don’t rely on your memory to get things done – write it down. You can download an app on your phone if that is your preference but the key here is to write it down immediately.

6. Try to work near a window.

Natural light and fresh air have been shown to both improve your day by providing you with Vitamin D and exposure to sunlight also helps you sleep at night. Fresh air always wakes up the mind and so sitting near a window that you can open will benefit you both at work and in your day-to-day life.

What do you think of these tips for maximizing productivity?

Next week we’ll be discussing Part 2 of my Productivity Hacks; Task Management! Be on the look out for this awesome post full of task management tips.

Want some more productivity tips you can read right now? Then check out this blog post from Lifehack with some more productivity hacks just for you!

Your turn, do you have any kick ass tips for maximizing productivity?  Share them in the comments below so I can add them to my repertoire.

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Overcoming Mom Guilt as a Business Owner

Overcoming Mom Guilt as a Business Owner

Overcoming Mom Guilt as a Business Owner

“Hold on, I’ll be right there…”

“Wait just a minute,” I murmured as I typed feverishly on my laptop. Soft taps on my shoulder and whines accosted me, taking me out of focus. “Yes, yes? What’s up?” I said turning to innocent little eyes looking back to me. My 3-year old daughter wanted my attention, or rather, needed it. Turns out, she was hungry and it was past lunch time! Guilt settled in as I went to make her a sandwich. How could I have forgotten lunch! I thought to myself. My heart felt heavy. SIGH… The guilt was real. The challenge here: overcoming mom guilt.

Overcoming Mom Guilt is Hard!

Up until March 2017, I worked outside of the home. I worked full time as an administrative fieldwork assistant. My oldest was in school and after school programs, while my youngest two stayed with my mother-in-law or my husband. My youngest was born in September 2016 and it became harder going back to work! Because he’s nursing, I felt guilty leaving each day and leaving him with a bottle of milk instead of it being fresh from the tap. When March rolled around and it was time for us to move, I decided to stay home with the kids instead of returning to work. I had a side hustle business doing graphic design, and I decided to see if I could make an income from home. Here, I thought that as long as I was working from home, that I wouldn’t feel as guilty. Boy was I wrong!

Working From Home Didn’t Ease My Mom Guilt.

As I ventured into being a Virtual Business Manager, life got busier. Networking and getting my name out there became a high priority. It paid off! I started to sign on clients and meet new people. The bad news? I began feeling like I was neglecting my children. We all know the telltale signs. Are these words familiar? “Wait,” “just another minute,” “I’m almost done,” “I’ll be right there.” This became a frequent part of my vocabulary. At times, lunch time would roll around and I would quickly give them lunch and return to work without feeding myself. It became something where even my husband would tell me “get off the computer for just a little and eat something!” As disappointment rendered on my kids face each time I told them to “wait,” the guilt settled hard. I needed to find ways to overcome guilt and find balance.

Overcoming Mom Guilt is Possible!

The key to overcoming mom guilt is finding balance. When my kids need attention, I’m learning to step away from the computer to give it to them. Granted, I don’t turn around every time I hear them bicker. Yeah, no. That’s not happening! If they’re neither dead nor dying, they’re fine. But if it’s genuine, then they have me. My youngest is still nursing, so I welcome a break every few hours to sit and nurse him. It gives me a mental break from work and reminds me to be present. As I learn balance, my mom guilt is starting to subside. All in all, we shouldn’t feel guilty for pursuing a better life for our family. Taking breaks and minding the kids are crucial to finding balance. It’s something that I am still learning but know I will find as time goes on.

Are you struggling with Mom Guilt?

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