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Because every Superhero needs a home base!

Why does a Superhero need a home base?

It’s the signal that you throw up into the dark night sky to let others know that you are there and you are exactly what they need. By building a strong website that connects to your audience, you can entice curious clickers into loyal fan followers, convert browsers into buyers, and keep your ear to the ground to get direct customer feedback. Not every superhero has the power of web design, but lucky for you with a flick of our wrists, we can use our special superpowers to develop and execute a website that reflects your brand vision with clarity and creativity.

Our out-of-this-world Web Design packages are tailored to your needs and some examples include:

  • Landing Pages: One-page designs used for ads, informational spots, or lead generators. Pricing starts at $500.
  • Service Provider Website:  Meant for consultants, coaches, and creatives without an e-commerce section. Pricing starts at $3,000.
  • E-Commerce Website: Your very own online store branded just for your audience. Pricing start at $4,000
  • Membership/Teaching Platforms: Create an online classroom that engages your students. Pricing starts at $5,500.

No matter which website package you need to make your products pop, each will include the following super specifics:

  • Every page is designed with YOUR brand in mind
  • Email Opt-in form linked to email service provider to generate leads
  • Premium Social Media Integration for the ultimate in social experiences
  • With WordPress Sites: Premium Divi Web Page Builder
  • Graphic design for banners
  • Search Engine Optimization set up:
    • Includes review of Google Analytics, your own Site Map, and instructions on how to submit your site to both Google and Bing for registration

Each website design package will include personalized tutorials, a one-on-one 60-minute training session on your new website and how to effectively use it after launch, continuous support throughout the design and implementation phase and a two-week support buffer after launch.

Don’t forget! Web Maintenance Packages will Save you Time!

Now that you have a spiffy new site ready to go, you might be wondering how to maintain this beautiful creation. Never fear, because we’re still here for you every step of the way and all web design packages are accompanied by maintenance retainers starting as low as $350 a month. If you have a website that’s good to go and are interested in hiring us for maintenance only, we can make that happen as well.  With a web maintenance package, you’ll get continuous support throughout the month for any website needs, your content will be backed up and updated weekly (or as needed), and if you ever face the villain known as a Crashed Website, we’ll be at your side ready to vanquish the bugs.

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Pricing for website design and maintenance varies. If you’d like to discuss a quote, send us a message and we’ll send you a recommendation to rescue you from all your website woes.

Web Design Packages start at $2,500

It was a pleasure to work with Anissa. When I contacted her, my website was a total mess! It was unorganized and ineffective. She identified the problems and proposed solutions to make my website not only an asset to my business, but also a place on the web where I can express myself and share my life with my readers. I appreciated availability through Facebook messenger and her willingness to answer all of my questions. I’d say her strongest quality, besides her technical know-how, is herunderstanding that I don’t have the expertise in this area to know all the right questions to ask and all the right improvements to make on my website. I appreciated her making suggestions and helping me understand what changes would make my website better. Some people who are skilled in a certain area (like web design) assume that their clients know more than they actually do. I loved that she did not assume that I already knew what specific changes I needed to make to my site. Elaine Searer

Owner and Seamstress, Elaine Searer




Lehigh Acres, FL 33976

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